Accounting Engine – Accounting system capable of postings generation based on events, taking into account event itself, deal/transaction and a counterpart parameters.

Campaign Management – solution for the fast and effective promotion of products and services among bank's customers.

GCP Mobile Apps – provides customers with the access to the bank services from cell phones and tablets. Applications are developed in accordance with the specifics of the mobile platforms and devices.

OctoPay – payment processing system for service providers and payment aggregators; fast integration with the service providers, supports any payment channels.

PowerBroker – solution developed specifically for the bank's brokerage services, that provides clients with the financial market services both with and without margin accounts and leverage.

Psi Integration System – system provides integration with complex corporate and external systems, as well as direct integraton with the main payment and transport systems.

Psi Payment System – banking payment system that is dedicated to provide high automation level of incoming and outgoing payment processing, nostro and vostro accounts mangement, organization of transaction (payment) recordings and related investigations.